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CEO of 1406 Consulting which provides solutions for business owners looking to take advantage of the ever-expanding digital landscape.

Unlocking the Future of Marketing with AI: Live Insights from HubSpot INBOUND 2023

A Front-Row Seat at the Intersection of AI and Marketing

Welcome to HubSpot INBOUND 2023, the playground of innovation and the birthplace of tomorrow’s marketing solutions. This year, as a Diamond HubSpot Solution Partner, 1406 Consulting is more excited than ever about the arsenal of AI-powered features that HubSpot has rolled out. Let’s delve into what these AI enhancements mean for marketers and how they are redefining the future of customer engagement.

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Why Forgetting About Your Goals May Be the best Thing for Your Business

“Keep your eye on the prize.” That’s the advice we’re given whenever we’re struggling. The shiny reward at the end of the struggle. But when it comes to long-term goals, it’s easy to feel like Sisyphus rolling his boulder up the hill and never reaching the top. That’s why we think Mr. Miagi’s advice to young Daniel in Karate Kid is far more valuable: “Wax on, right hand. Wax off, left hand. Wax on, wax off. Breathe in through nose, out the mouth.” It’s that mindfulness of the here and now that helps us reach our goals without even realizing how close we are. Because the truth we so often forget is that, in life and in business, it’s the journey that makes things worthwhile, not the destination.

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How Small but Mighty Teams Master Communication

The companies that succeed at growing their business aren't always the ones with the best product. However, they're almost always the ones that do a better job of communicating with their market than the competition does (of course having a good product helps too!).

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Personalized Customer Service
How To Offer Personalized Service As Your Business Grows

In the beginning stages of your business, it’s easy to give each and every customer the personalized attention that will make them feel valued and turn them into a loyal customer. But as your company grows, it can become harder to provide that same level of service to everyone while juggling all the tasks associated with a growing business. So how do you provide the same level of personalized attention while still using your time effectively and getting stuff done? Here are a few things to remember when striving to provide your new and existing customers with the personal attention that really makes a difference.

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Get Positive Customer Reviews
6 Tricks To Get Positive Customer Reviews

One of the million-dollar questions many owners of small businesses find themselves asking is how to get their customers to leave reviews or offer feedback. Not only is this crucial information for the betterment and growth of the business, but it gives potential, future customers inside information about how your company operates, what your products or service is like, and how you served others.

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