Why HubSpot? Rocket Fuel for Business Growth

Why HubSpot is the one-stop shop you've been looking for to streamline operations, empower decisions with data, and pour rocket fuel in your engine to launch your business to the next level. Learn how HubSpot's tools and the surrounding community have helped companies like yours leverage this greater-than-the-sum-of-its-parts solution to achieve tremendous results.

There's a Lot in the Box: HubSpot's All-in-One Solution

First of all, if you're here, you might already have a basic idea of what HubSpot is—perhaps you're in the process of researching if it's the solution you're looking for (and if you're at the stage where you need answers to specific questions about your unique needs, hi Let's chat!).
But just in case you're brand new and you're like, "What even is HubSpot?", let's take a second to define what we're talking about here:
What Is HubSpot?
HubSpot is a marketing software company and an AI-powered customer platform by the same name. For our purposes, when we say HubSpot, we're talking about the platform. The HubSpot platform offers the capability to manage and connect all your marketing, sales, and customer service operations in one place through various "Hubs" within the platform ecosystem.
There are six Hubs in HubSpot, and depending on your business needs and budget, you can "have it all" with the Customer Platform or pick and choose just the Hubs you want to create a custom bundle. HubSpot also offers Free Tools to test if you're more of a commitment phobe.

These are all the Hubs and what each one handles:
Marketing Hub®

Marketing Hub® is AI-powered marketing software that enables lead engagement, campaign automation, and gleaning actionable customer insights. From lead capture forms to ads software and AI tools made for marketers to robust analytics and dashboard reporting, Marketing Hub®'s features give you total control of and visibility on your marketing efforts. Learn more here.

Sales Hub®

Sales Hub® is software that helps sales teams focus on quality over quantity to build better customer connections and optimize a high-converting pipeline. Sales Hub® also includes AI tools and automation to help save time and identify opportunities to enhance outreach efforts. Learn more here.

Service Hub®

Service Hub® is AI-powered customer service software that simplifies customer retention by making it easy to provide high-quality customer experiences at scale. Service Hub® becomes even more powerful when combined with Marketing and Sales Hubs, allowing for better collaboration among your customer service, marketing, and sales teams to create a cohesive brand identity rooted in excellence at all customer touchpoints. Learn more here.

Content Hub®

Content Hub® is content marketing software that empowers marketers with AI-enabled tools to craft and manage engaging content. It provides optimization recommendations, robust analytics, and time-saving tools to ensure your brand's message reaches your target customers wherever they are. You can even get even more capabilities when you build or migrate your website in Content Hub®. Learn more here.

Operations Hub®

Operations Hub® is operations software that helps you automate business processes, organize customer data, and scale systems to deliver consistent customer experiences no matter how much you grow. Learn more here.

Commerce Hub®
A newer addition to the HubSpot platform, which we wrote about previously here, Commerce Hub® makes billing and collecting revenue simple by putting everything you need in one place: quoting, payments, reporting, and customer data management. With tools for automation, revenue reporting, and a native QuickBooks integration, Commerce Hub® saves tremendous time while enabling remarkable growth. Learn more here.
HubSpot is known for its commitment to simplifying the complex and empowering HubSpot clients with everything they need to measure business growth and achieve their goals faster. To that end, the HubSpot platform is supported by a frankly breathtaking scaffolding of resources offered directly by HubSpot and by HubSpot Partner organizations specializing in any number of HubSpot features, solutions, and/or industries using HubSpot.
What does that mean? It means you got questions: we got answers.

Okay, So WHY HubSpot?

Get Started Fast: The Ease of HubSpot Implementation + Why Partners Are Your Pals

One of the vast benefits of HubSpot is that it plays nice with various tools you may already use. You get a smoother HubSpot implementation experience without an extensive overhaul of everything you've ever set up in your business. And for the few tools that still need to be taken care of, HubSpot's aforementioned community of partners has your back with custom integrations tailored to your needs.
HubSpot partners can fast-track your implementation process by eliminating the learning curve and helping you learn what you need to know to start using HubSpot immediately; no more, no less. Plus, once you've got a HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner like 1406 Consulting on your side, we're there to help you navigate all the next steps of your HubSpot journey so you can save time and effort.

A Single Source of Truth: Custom Integrations for Getting Your 'stuff' Together

Speaking of custom integrations, we could talk at length about how game-changing it is to have one source of truth for all your business data.
For example, when DogTV got dog-tired of their siloed systems not talking to each other, they asked us to help them get a leash on their marketing, payments processing, and video hosting needs while migrating their site to HubSpot. Through creative problem-solving, we successfully switched them from endless platform switching to managing all their processes from within HubSpot. You can learn more about how we did it by getting the case study here.

Chart a Course with HubSpot Data at the Helm: Better Business Decisions Through Analytics

HubSpot's analytics and reporting features put all your business data at your fingertips, enabling you to make more connections, spot more opportunities, and get more business. With all your data available across all your Hubs, you can see the impact of all your efforts, from content launch to lead capture to sale. The SEO tools in Marketing Hub® make it simple to ensure your website is attracting quality attention, and the robust campaign analytics make it easy to measure HubSpot email marketing effectiveness. Then, you can use all those insights to craft even better campaigns and set them on auto-pilot with HubSpot automation features. Sounds pretty awesome, right?
For ABB Optical, that kind of insights-to-action was an impossible dream due to years of neglected data maintenance and clunky, decades-old systems. By transitioning their processes to Sales Hub®, doing extensive data cleanup, and training their teams on best practices for keeping their systems up-to-date and organized ever after, 1406 Consulting earned a 10/10 "would refer" in a customer feedback survey.  More importantly, we earned ABB Optical's ongoing trust in the value of our services. Our partnership continues with periodic consulting, data maintenance, and marketing services. Learn more about how ABB Optical's team can see clearly now thanks to the benefits of using HubSpot here.

It's Not a Cult (But It Might Be a Cult): HubSpot's Rabid Support System and Fanatical Agencies Want to Help You

One. of. Us. One. Of. Us. When you join the HubSpot neighborhood, it's like moving into a highly well-run planned community, with an obsessively available maintenance crew and thousands of small businesses specializing in every possible service you could need. Some partners specialize in HubSpot for eCommerce, partners who cater to HubSpot in education, HubSpot solutions partners for agencies, or HubSpot for tech startups—the list goes on and on (seriously, check out the directory here).
Is it a little Stepford-ish? The enthusiasm bordering on fanaticism that some of us exhibit for HubSpot could point in that direction, but believe us when we say it's genuine because it's based on real experience in seeing how HubSpot's tools take client after client from confusion to clarity, chaos to control, plateau to growth. We're crazy about it because it's crazy good at doing what it's built to do, and if it's wrong to be weird about it, we don't wanna be right!

So is it worth it?

Is HubSpot worth the cost? Well, it depends on what your needs are, including, of course, your budgetary needs. Luckily, HubSpot offers a lot of pricing plans, starting with F R E E, so even if you have no budget for business growth software tools, you can still test out many of HubSpot's free features without paying a dime. If you ask us, seems like they're pretty confident you'll see it's worth it once you give it a try 🤷 (And yeah, if you're asking us, we do think it's worth it, but you can take that with a grain of "it's a cult"-salt if you want.)
Do you know what else is free? Talking to a HubSpot expert at 1406 Consulting about your business needs and goals and getting the personalized scoop on the best option for you. We're always down for a chat, click here to schedule one.

What About the Other Guys?

HubSpot vs. Salesforce, HubSpot vs. Marketo—it's true that HubSpot is not the only CRM software on the block, but what makes HubSpot unique?
First, HubSpot's range of pricing plans makes it more accessible to small businesses than some "the other guys". With HubSpot, you can build a cost-effective solution and avoid paying for extra stuff you don't need. Salesforce and Marketo require a considerable upfront investment that may price out businesses that are just starting or have other budgetary constraints while growing.
HubSpot CMS Starter
Starting Price
$25/month, per user
*Marketo does not make their pricing plans publicly available, but various sources indicate $895/month is the non-discounted starting subscription cost.

You Shouldn't Have to Go It Alone: How Partners Help You Leverage the Power of HubSpot

Certified HubSpot partners like 1406 Consulting have done the dirty work for you, learning the ins and outs of HubSpot's suite of tools so you can focus on your business with minimal time spent learning a whole new system. Partners give you the freedom to choose what level of involvement you want in setting up your account, whether you're more DIY and need some help getting to know your way around, or whether you want us to Do It For You and hand over the info that needs to be integrated for you to start putting HubSpot to work. 
Still not sure how engaging a HubSpot partner can help? We invite you to take a little look at some customer testimonials of clients who have worked with 1406 Consulting, like this one: 

They excel at everything! Well worth the investment!

We HIGHLY recommend using 1406 for all your HubSpot Integration services. Everyone on the team is highly knowledgeable and amazing to work with, from our HubSpot account set-up/onboarding and currently our ongoing unique asks. Matt, Daniel, and Bella are excellent soundboard and brainstorming partners as we expand our strategic usage and look to seamlessly incorporate the new features into our full HubSpot Suite.

Or this one:

Couldn't have done it without them!

Matt and his team were wonderful to work with. When we started with the HubSpot CRM, we thought we could find out own way. And we probably could have if we that was our only job! They helped us fast-forward implementation and training and continually worked with us to get more from the system. They assisted us with the Sales, Marketing and Service hubs, providing both turnkey services and instruction on how to be self-sufficient. They helped us find the best ways to integrate HubSpot with our other systems, including Modus, Fishbowl and Shopify. They operate as a true partner and I believe that they care about our business. Very thankful for their partnership!

Or, oh, this one's really good too:

Bringing Reclaim Lifestyles to Life

1406 Consulting is an incredible, creative, and stellar business partner. Matt, Rebecca, Justin, Dennis & Haley took a simple business pitch deck for Reclaim Lifestyles and brought the company to life. They started with a full-on company branding strategy. Then, I powered that with an incredible website design, content out of this world, and a HubSpot integration that was exceptional! We loved their work so much that 1406 Consulting upgraded our pitch materials and will now support our brand launch and content marketing. Truly the best business partner I've worked with in my 34 years in business.

I mean, there's kind of a lot.

Want to be one of them?

(One. of. us. One. of. us!)

Getting started is as easy as hopping on a quick call to chat about your business. We take the time to get to know you first and then work collaboratively to find solutions to your challenges. The power of HubSpot backs up our arsenal of marketing expertise. It's free, and we're pretty fun!
Schedule a meeting with our HubSpot Experts to learn more (and it's free).




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