Inviting Everyone To The Party: Why It's Time To Break Down Organizational Silos With HubSpot

Picture this: multiple teams within your organization working in parallel, each with its own goals, metrics, and processes. It's a recipe for chaos and inefficiency. And it’s also the reality of countless companies. 


So today we’ll have a look at how HubSpot can be used as a powerful Revenue Operations (RevOps) tool to help companies break down those silos and bring their teams together under a single banner. 


It's time to break down the silos in your operations

imagesIn the traditional organizational setup, where teams often work in isolation, focusing solely on their own objectives, siloed thinking can lead to fragmented efforts, duplicated work, and a lack of alignment. And when everyone's dancing to their own tune, the bigger picture is easily forgotten. And when that happens, goals aren’t reached and targets aren’t met. 


And here's the thing: successful companies aren’t driven by department goals (and to an extent not even by company goals). They’re driven by their customers and how the business addresses those needs. 


But how do you align an entire business under one customer-driven banner? Well, I’m glad you asked. 


What is RevOps and how does it unify teams?

Enter Revenue Operations (RevOps), the bridge that connects departments and aligns efforts under one banner. 


Even though the roots of RevOps can be traced back to the start of the internet, RevOps is a relatively new concept that emerged as a result of the ever-changing landscape of sales and marketing. And it enables businesses to maximize revenue potential by aligning the goals of siloed departments like marketing, services, and sales. 


This more strategic approach brings together sales, marketing, finance, and customer success under a unified revenue goal. It breaks down the walls between teams, encouraging collaboration and a shared focus on driving revenue growth. 


The goal of RevOps is to create a singular framework where data sharing and visibility can help departments see each others’ efforts within the bigger picture. It also helps departments to then align their efforts to that overarching goal as well, minimizing confusion regarding ultimate objectives. 


So in other words, when you’re working with RevOps, everyone is invited to the party, dancing to the same rhythm in a far more holistic manner. And as a result, what begins with an alignment of process, strategy, and execution, leads directly to better customer experiences and increased revenue. 


Why HubSpot is the perfect platform for RevOps

AdobeStock_391342092So where does HubSpot come into the RevOps picture? 

While HubSpot is often praised for its robust CRM capabilities, it's so much more than that. It's a catalyst for organizational transformation. HubSpot's comprehensive suite of marketing, sales, and customer service tools empowers multiple departments to work together towards a common goal, making multi-departmental actions visible on one centralized platform. 


Here are some of the ways RevOps can be realized through HubSpot: 

Building an instantly impactful RevOps strategy

HubSpot helps businesses implement effective RevOps strategies that allow multiple teams to organize and coordinate their efforts in one central platform. 

Staying connected through CRM software

With its unified codebase, HubSpot can become a single source of truth for multiple departments and offers an intuitive user experience. 

Automating the RevOps journey

The HubSpot Ecosystem offers RevOps Automated Agency Services & Qualifications that help businesses automate processes, align teams, integrate data systems, and unlock new insights as the RevOpx world evolves. 

Track the RevOps impact from a central point

HubSpot lets businesses make Customer Journey Maps part of the analytics mix to build strategies based not only on department results but on panoramic customer insights. 


So whenever sales teams interact with clients, they can ensure a tailored interaction that addresses not merely business goals, but customer pain points that can be pulled in directly from the HubSpot dashboard. 

Get a bird’s eye view of interactions

One of the most beneficial HubSpot features for RevOps teams is Contact Record, a central contact log that captures every interaction with clients. So while each department continues to work in its individual hub (Sales, Service, Marketing, etc.), teams can see when other departments interact with clients through Contact Record. 


This also boosts the ability of teams to address pain points that only become clear and form a bigger picture when multiple interactions are taken into account. 

Along with the automated marketing and sales tools that HubSpot offers, this centralized operational strategy, where teams are working towards a single unified goal, changes the way businesses interact with their clients. At the end of the day, revenue growth is increased as a direct result of customer experiences that meet customer needs far more effectively than before. 


How can you bring your team together through HubSpot?

Now that we've highlighted the power of HubSpot in the RevOps revolution, it's time to discuss how you can bring your own team together through this platform. 


HubSpot offers several resources and tools to help teams apply RevOps and bring a sense of unity to operations. 


This is how your RevOps journey could look: 

Integrate your HubSpot with RevOps 

The RevOps/HubSpot integration lets you create a tailored ecosystem through custom mappings that give you full control over data synchronization. 

Work closely with a dedicated RevOps team

HubSpot’s dedicated RevOps team builds systems, processes, and alignments that can help existing and new RevOps teams find optimal impact.  help HubSpot and its customers grow faster.

Send the troops to RevOps Bootcamp

HubSpot Academy offers a RevOps Bootcamp that covers the strategic integration of sales, marketing, and service departments and the end-to-end impact RevOps has on administration.

Boost the power of your CRM software

Reliable CRM software is the foundation of an effective RevOps strategy. That’s why your HubSpot implementation needs to connect effectively to your business’s drivers if your RevOps strategy is going to take off. 

RevOps and HubSpot have you covered whether you’re zooming in or out 

If there’s one thing we’ve seen at 1406, it’s that now, more than ever before, it’s important for business owners and leadership to base decisions on a high-level view of their teams’ direct impact on revenue and the bottom line. 


The looming economic recession has made it vital that your team’s actions have to have a direct impact on revenue. And RevOps finally offers you the ability to create an ecosystem where that’s possible without leaving employees behind. 


RevOps brings every team member into the fray, putting developers and marketers, and sales teams right next to C-suit decision-makers, this high-level view can be realized. 


So if you’re ready to unite your team under one banner and wave goodbye to silos that stand in the way of revenue growth, let 1406 help you implement a HubSpot strategy tailored to your operations. 


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