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10 Tips On Working From Home From Our Remote Team

By Chase Hubner on 4/24/20 3:02 PM

Most people think remote work is full of flexibility and effortless productivity, but many are finding out that's just not the case. There's always something to distract yourself with, whether it's kids running around, laundry staring at you from across the room, or your neighbor who insists on cutting down a tree during your 2 o'clock meeting.

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8 Ways To Survive Social Distancing

By Jess Piraino on 4/20/20 3:35 PM

It’s a strange time for all of us. Our daily lives and routines have been drastically altered due to COVID-19 and social distancing. As we adjust to our new daily schedules, we’ve found some ways we hope will help you make the most of your time, stay connected, and not go stir crazy. We’ve got this, friends!

Topics: COVID-19
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6 Entertaining Games To Play On Zoom And Google Hangouts

By Chase Hubner on 4/13/20 12:57 PM

With everyone working remotely during the COVID-19 Pandemic, most people are feeling a bit stir-crazy. Office employees are especially feeling the pressure of staying at home and having to adhere to a new routine. They aren't able to leave the house as much, cleaning routines are borderline religious, and social distancing practices have become more like straight-up isolation.

Topics: COVID-19
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How To Use The HubSpot's Quotes Feature Step-By-Step

By Chase Hubner on 4/9/20 1:53 PM

HubSpot's Sales Quotes feature allows you to seamlessly create and send quotes to potential customers, as well as collect a signature and payment all in the same place.

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Minimizing The Hurt During A Downturn

By Leslie Jarrard on 4/8/20 3:02 PM

Life and business as we know it has changed over the last few weeks. Some businesses are being hit hard while others are hanging in there. In either case, it’s natural to go on the defense, cut expenses, and prepare for the worst.

Topics: COVID-19
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HubSpot's CRM & Sales Starter is Perfect for Entrepreneurs

By Matt Smith on 10/9/19 8:40 PM

Most entrepreneurs starting a new business also wear the hat of lead salesperson for their new venture. Working in sales is a tough business, especially in today’s market, and doing so successfully while handling everything else on your plate requires an efficient and organized approach. You're also dealing with a tough audience - studies show that only 18% of buyers trust and respect sales people. 

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How To Set Up HubSpot's SEO Tool (With A Walkthrough)

By Chase Hubner on 7/20/19 9:57 AM

Trying to gain web traffic, convert leads, and grow your business without content marketing is difficult. But, content marketing without a quality SEO tool and keyword research is like taking a shot in the dark every time you go to blog.

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The 9 Mistakes That Could Make Or Break Your Startup

By Matt Smith on 7/18/19 8:00 AM

The key to any successful startup is to learn from mistakes - not only your own mistakes, but the mistakes of others as well. As with anything new, some things will undoubtedly go wrong, giving you plenty of opportunity to learn and grow.

And while experience can be a painful teacher, it's also a very powerful one. Learning from the mistakes of others is always much less painful, so here are 9 of the biggest mistakes tech startups make so you can be aware of them (and more importantly) avoid them.

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How Scrappy Teams Master Marketing

By Matt Smith on 7/15/19 10:36 PM

Marketing is the key to any business's qualified lead generation success, and it should be both calculated and creative; a tool that allows your product or service to reach your target audience and make an impact in their lives.

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6 Traits Of A Scrappy Team (and how to build one)

By Matt Smith on 6/17/19 6:47 PM

There are countless ways you could describe each member of your team and how their characteristics influence the persona of the company. Maybe your team members tend to be high-energy, cohesive, and pros at customer service. Maybe they’re data-driven, goal-oriented, and analytical. One way or the other, the success of your business is based heavily upon the team of people you’ve chosen to make it happen. 

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5 Ways To Get Customer Reviews (And One Thing To Watch Out For)

By Matt Smith on 3/19/19 7:51 AM

One of the million dollar questions many owners of small businesses find themselves asking is how to get their customers to leave reviews or offer feedback. Not only is this crucial information for the betterment and growth of the business, but it gives potential

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9 Tips To Writing The Perfect Email

By Matt Smith on 3/1/19 8:02 AM

Communication in the workplace, whether with clients, vendors or employees, is crucial to the productivity and growth of your small business. In a recent blog about reducing phone time in the office, we discussed

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How To Offer Personalized Service As Your Business Grows

By Matt Smith on 12/27/18 11:05 AM

In the beginning stages of your business, it’s easy to give each and every customer the personalized attention that will make them feel valued and turn them into a loyal customer. But as your company grows, it can become harder to provide that same level of service to everyone while juggling all the tasks associated with a growing business. So how do you provide the same level of personalized attention while still using your time effectively and getting stuff done? Here are a few things to remember when striving to provide your new and existing customers with the personal attention that really makes a difference.

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6 Last-Minute Start-up Marketing Hacks For The Holidays

By Matt Smith on 12/21/18 9:35 PM

We all know those last minute shoppers that aren't interested in Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales (maybe you're one yourself!). Regardless of when or where they go shopping, people are in the mode to search for what they need. This means as a startup, your marketing strategy needs to be intentional and holiday-focused to make the most out of this consumer-focused season. Here are six last-minute holiday marketing hacks to help you make the most out of this holiday season.

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Rock Star Project Manager Series: Competence

By Matt Smith on 9/25/18 12:30 PM

In our fifth and final part of The Rock Star Project Manager Series, we discuss a topic that may seem like a no-brainer. But it can be the difference between a team who stands confidently behind you with a similar vision and mission, and a team that has doubts about your leadership. A rockstar project manager needs to be competent in their role, and this means much more than knowing the skills and procedures of a business. Here are five traits of a competent leader that can lead their organization to success:

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Rock Star Project Manager Series: Integrity In The Workplace

By Matt Smith on 9/18/18 12:30 PM

Our Rock Star Project Manager series has covered many issues that are essential to being the best project manager for your team. From communication and stress management to how to get the most out of your phone calls, being a great project manager is about being able to lead people and serve as an example to those on your team. But for your team to trust you, to have faith in your leadership and respect you, they must first believe in your character. Integrity as a leader is just as important, if not more important, than effective communication strategies and proper delegation. Use this guide to do a quick self-reflection to make sure your values and work ethic are building a solid foundation for your business.

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Rock Star Project Manager Series: Reducing Phone Time

By Matt Smith on 9/11/18 12:30 PM

The Rock Star Project Manager Series has addressed important topics such as effective communication skills, delegation, and stress management, and offered insight on how these things can lead to a happier and more productive office environment. In today’s blog, we look at how a rock star project manager can manage their time effectively, more specifically the time spent on both incoming and outgoing phone calls.

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Rock Star Project Manager Series: Delegating Like A Pro

By Matt Smith on 9/4/18 12:30 PM

In parts one and two of the Rock Star Project Manager series, we covered the importance of effective communication and stress management in the workplace. In part three, we dive into the power of proper delegation, and how to get more work done in a shorter amount of time. Delegating like a pro means acknowledging the strengths of individuals on your team and giving them the trust, freedom, and flexibility to do their job.

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The Rock Star Project Manager Series: Effective Stress Management

By Matt Smith on 8/28/18 12:30 PM

In part one of this comprehensive series, we addressed the importance of being an effective communicator as a small business owner. It’s no secret that being a rock star project manager comes with its fair share of stress. It involves being able to multitask, delegate, come up with solutions to problems quickly, manage schedules, and oversee the progress of a specific task. This can be mentally exhausting and can take a toll on your mental health. Having rituals in place to keep stress at a minimum (and handle it effectively when it pops up) can help you remain in control even when things feel chaotic.

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The Rock Star Project Manager Series: Being An Effective Communicator

By Matt Smith on 8/21/18 12:30 PM

When it comes to your business, having the knowledge and technical skills required to complete daily tasks is far less important than being able to communicate with a team. You could be the smartest, most knowledgeable person in the business, but if you can’t effectively communicate your ideas, goals, and expectations to your team, things can go south pretty quickly. As a small business owner, it is critical that you learn how to speak and how to listen in a way that makes your team feel empowered, focused, and appreciated. Here are five ways to be an effective communicator, and as a result, a rockstar project manager.

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The 5 W’s Of A Successful Company Event That Everyone Will Love

By Matt Smith on 8/13/18 3:00 PM

When it comes to planning your company’s next event or outing, there is a lot to think about. You want to plan something that will promote team building and boost the office morale, while also allowing coworkers to mingle in a fun, stress-free environment. You’re in charge of creating an event that people will actually want to attend and is good for business, will boost productivity and will address common workplace issues in a neutral environment at the same time.

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5 Character Traits of a Rockstar Project Manager

By Matt Smith on 7/16/18 8:31 AM

Running a startup is no small feat. It requires organization, dedication, focus, teamwork, patience, self-discipline, and hard work. The first step in setting your startup for success is making sure it’s led by someone who is qualified and competent. Granted, you could do without the smoke machines and stage lighting, but who doesn't want a 'Rockstar' team member leading their customer projects?  Whether you’re looking to hire one, or find yourself wearing multiple hats and filling the PM role yourself, make sure that your project leadership demonstrates these 5 character traits to guide your business to success:

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Four Ways to Get Your Customers to Unfollow You on Social Media (and how to avoid it)

By Matt Smith on 7/9/18 12:34 PM

As a small business owner, you understand the power of social media in the success of your business. If you haven’t already, you’ll quickly see the impact of social media’s expansive reach and how it can take your message, service or product to a large, yet specifically targeted audience. If you’ve had a Facebook or Instagram account of your own for years, you have a basic understanding of how it works. You also know what things cause you to finally say “enough already!” and search frantically for the “unfollow” button. Social media is a popular method to reach your target audience, but used incorrectly could do more harm than good. Here are the four things that you could be doing right now to drive your audience nuts and result in a decreased customer base, and some tips on how to fix it.

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The 6 Biggest Time Wasters All Small Business Owners Need To Avoid

By Matt Smith on 6/23/18 4:30 PM

The key to profit is productivity, and if you and your employees are wasting time on unnecessary tasks, like phone checking and emails,  it could be costing you. Did you know that on average, Americans check their phones 80 times a day? And that a study done by Carleton University found that employees spend a third of their day checking and responding to emails? Here are the six biggest time wasters that could be hindering your startup’s success:

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How a Good Blog Accelerates Lead Generation For Your Small Business

By Matt Smith on 6/8/18 2:07 PM

When you're in the midst of starting up a new business, it feels like there are an overwhelming number things on your "To Do List" for getting off the ground.  From business plans and marketing strategies to hiring employees, picking a workplace and focusing on your branding, starting a small business is a big deal. In all of the craziness, many business owners overlook a crucial element 

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Simple Steps to Create a Brand for your Small Business on Social Media

By Matt Smith on 4/24/18 9:34 PM

Building your small business brand by connecting with people on social media is an excellent way to add a personal touch. Did you know that as of 2018, nearly 68% of adults use Facebook according to the Pew Research Center? Use these simple secrets to create a strong and effective voice for growing your business on social media.

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3 Simple Steps to Build Your Small Business Sales Pipeline

By Matt Smith on 4/16/18 9:47 AM

Small businesses face unique challenges when it comes to marketing their company to a wider audience and building a sales pipeline of qualified leads. You may find that limited marketing resources make your business feel at a disadvantage when compared to major players in the industry. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. You can overcome this challenge by using 3 simple but effective marketing techniques that generate higher quality leads for nurturing through the process of inbound marketing.

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Which Social Media Platforms Should You Target for Small Business Marketing?

By Matt Smith on 4/2/18 2:30 PM

Think social media campaigns are only for the big brands with thousands, if not millions, of followers and fans? Convinced you need massive internal resources to even get started? Think again!

Not every social platform makes sense for every business, so it’s important to understand which ones to target for growing your small business, 

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Inbound Marketing: 3 Best Practices for Small Business

By Matt Smith on 3/19/18 10:30 AM

Inbound marketing can have a substantial impact on small businesses that hope to reach new clients and build their company's online brand. Inbound marketing differs from traditional advertising by focusing on cultivating personal relationships with people that are genuinely

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How to Grow a Small Business Using Social Media Marketing

By Matt Smith on 3/5/18 9:30 AM

As a leader or owner of a small business, you’re always looking for ways your company can compete with larger competitors that often have a larger team and budget. One edge over your competitors that you may be neglecting is the power of social media to generate qualified sales leads for a small business. 
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