Introducing a True Design-Forward HubSpot Theme: Why We're Really Excited About It

Honestly, we won't shut up about it. If you've dug around in the HubSpot themes library, you know that there is a PLETHORA of themes to choose from. It is an embarrassment of riches. An abundance of choice. It can surely lead to fantastic sites, but it can also possibly lead to analysis paralysis.


Plus: most of those themes were built by developers for developers. And if you are not a developer, you're opening up a toolbox with a whole lot of specialized tools that you may not have ever seen before, much less know how to use.


If you're a business owner, you are probably not also a web developer. And even if you do have both those skillsets, if you own a business, developing a website is probably not the best use of your time. Who's running the business while you're developing, amiright?

And a lot of businesses don't have an in-house web developer. But what lots of businesses do have is someone in charge of marketing, who may have some development skills, but more likely has design capabilities.
And thus, facing this reality, we had our stroke of brilliance: a HubSpot theme built for designers. A HubSpot theme that is intuitive for non-developers to get into and be able to update themselves without having to learn how to code. A HubSpot theme with a manageable amount of familiar tools. A HubSpot theme with everything you need and nothing you don't. It's accessible. It's simple, yet customizable. And it's pretty.

Well, depending on your branding, it could be pretty. Or it could be sleek and modern. Or inspiring and confident. You know, whatever your vibe is once applied to our templates.

Speaking of templates, that's a big part of how this works. We use Figma, a collaborative interface design tool, to build a website's design first as the blueprint for the development stage. We've built out Figma templates that mirror our custom HubSpot theme, so that designing your website can be as simple as dropping in your logo and applying your brand colors, fonts, and copy. Of course, we can get fancier depending on what you want, and we've got some fun examples for you to browse through.
And the Figma templates allow us to alter our process to suit your preferences. You've got a design team you want working on the design phase? Here, take our templates and build them out and we'll handle development. Or you have an in-house developer familiar with HubSpot CMS? We'll design the Figma files and hand them off to your developer to implement.
If you do decide to work with us on your design (and please do, we love it), we have a few standard questions we like clients to think about to help us create something you're going to love:
  • What's your goal with the new site? Is it a digital business card? Are we driving more traffic to a sales funnel? Is it a sales enablement tool for your sales team, and/or a place to host case studies? There can be a lot of different goals for websites, so it's important to drill down to one, maybe two goals to avoid drawing a camel by committee.
  • How do you speak about your company? What's the sales pitch? What does the sales process look like? How your team speaks to your clients should be reflected on the site in your brand's tone of voice, or there can be a jarring disconnect from the page to the sales call.
  • What is your brand heart? What beats at the center of what your brand is? What problem are you solving for your customer? What deeper need underlies that? Get to the part of what you do that makes you come alive. Your passion will inform your design.
  • What are your favorite brands? What speaks to you? What brand websites excite you and what do you like about them specifically? When one of our clients, Clark Brown of Hello Wealth, mentioned Mini Cooper as a favorite brand, we immediately understood his vibe: clean, professional design with a little bit of a wild side; with something unexpected. His site features pops of color that are uncommon for the financial services industry, but that's who he is, and it fits with his target client personas.

Our process starts with a conversation and ends with a website that not only reflects your brand and functions as you need it to, but it is truly handed off to you, in a format that you can access at any time and make updates to as needed. And that's because our design-forward theme empowers you and your team with its ease of use. It's pretty brilliant, if we do say so ourselves.

We can't wait to chat with you about your website goals and brand heart, so what are you waiting for? Set up an intro call now and let's design something amazing together:
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