Why Marketing Isn't A Marathon

Marketing is often compared to a marathon: a long and arduous journey that requires endurance and perseverance. But it’s an analogy that isn’t entirely accurate. Well at least not effective marketing. 

Unlike a marathon, marketing strategies should never rely on a single-person putting their head down and pushing through to the finish line. That element of long-winded entrepreneurial stamina is commendable no doubt, but it doesn’t make for an effective or sustainable marketing approach. Effective marketing has far more in common with a relay race, where multiple team members and marketing avenues come together to win the race. So lace up your running shoes and get ready to whip your marketing strategy into shape.

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This is no time to take it slow and steady 

Taking a marathon approach to marketing may seem like a safe and steady bet, but ultimately it leads to lost momentum. In the era of continuous scrolling, taking it slow and steady often means getting left behind. Marketing is all about staying relevant and adapting to changing trends. This requires a more dynamic approach. The solution lies in adapting a relay race approach. 


The similarities between marketing and relay races

A relay race approach allows your team to work together more efficiently, with each member contributing unique strengths to a continuous strategy. Instead of focusing on long-term strategy, a relay race approach emphasizes short bursts of energy that build momentum and drive engagement. 


It takes a team to run the race

Just like in a relay race, marketing requires a team effort to achieve success. Each member of your team has their own unique strengths and skills that can contribute to your marketing strategy. By working together, you can create a more cohesive and effective plan. Just like a relay race, one team member's misstep can cost the entire race. Each member's work contributes to the overall success of the strategy, meaning each person has to take individual responsibility for their role. 


Success relies on clear communication 

Both relay races and marketing require a strategy and clear communication. In a relay race, each team member needs to know when to pass the baton and where to go next. Similarly, in marketing, each team member needs to know their role and how their work fits into the larger strategy. Without communication and clear direction, you may just sit with team members doing exceptional work that has absolutely nothing to do with the project. Like a relay runner beating the world record, but running on the wrong track. 


Winning the race with a relay race marketing approach

If you’re still reading, it means you’re probably wondering what the actual advantages are of this relay approach. So let’s show you. 

  • Achieving greater efficiency and speed

  • Focus on short-term goals and celebrate small victories along the way by evaluating your progress frequently, making adjustments to your strategy to keep it relevant.

  • Streamlined communication

  • A relay race approach encourages streamlined communication among team members and assigning dedicated tasks to each person keeps everyone in sync. 

  • Greater accountability and responsibility

  • When everyone is aware of their impact on the larger picture and their role in the success of the strategy which ultimately promotes greater accountability and responsibility among team members.

  • Ability to adapt and adjust quickly

  • Adapt and adjust your marketing strategy quickly in response to changes in the marketplace to stay relevant and ahead of the competition.

  • Inevitable long-term success

By emphasizing the short bursts of energy needed to maintain momentum, the long-term goals ultimately sort themselves out if you stick to your strategy and don’t get bogged down because the ROI isn’t skyrocketing immediately. 


Get ready, get set, get in touch 

Relay marketing strategies lets you leverage the strengths of your entire team on a continuous basis, enabling actions to have an impact right now. If you need help getting all your runners on the same track, get in touch with 1406, we’ve coached some of the biggest brands in their HubSpot implementation, and can’t wait to get you on the podium as well. 

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