Why HubSpot Implementation is Like a Blind Date

The blind date - a peak romantic adrenaline rush in a pre-Tinder world. You could know every single resume detail about your date and still not be prepared for the reality of meeting them. Would there be sparks, awkward pauses, or catastrophe? But the most delightful surprise was  hitting it off with someone you thought you’d have nothing in common with. Those were the dates you walked away from with not only a new connection with another person, but a renewed sense of yourself.

HubSpot integration is pretty much like that. t’s a learning journey. And even though you know which boxes will be ticked during the process, you’ll be amazed at how enriching the experience of seeing it all come together can be. 

So how does the HubSpot implementation process change the way you see your business and its possibilities? Glad you asked!


The Top 3 Takeaways from Every HubSpot Integration

Where you might walk away with a bouquet of roses or the promise of a second rendezvous after a blind date, what are you getting from the HubSpot implementation journey? Let’s take a look at the top three takeaways every HubSpot implementation should offer. 


A clear sense of brand identity and ideal messaging

The effects of brand inconsistency are nothing to scoff at. From New Coke to BP’s eco-loving flower logo, missing the point of your brand doesn’t go down well with consumers. That’s why brand identity and messaging should never just be about taglines, colors, and designs. It should be rooted in discovering your personality and conveying what lies at the heart of your company. What lies at the core of your business? It’s that ember that lights the way for everything your business does, both in marketing and internal operations. During implementation, 1406 Consulting helps you establish what it is your brand wants to communicate, helping you find the best ways to tell your audience and workforce exactly who you are. 


The foundation from which to build a marketing approach

Marketing is a conversation. Not multiple tiny conversations. Just one big conversation that’s taking place across many channels. And finding the marketing strategy that will boost your sales and keep that conversation going can be daunting. From social media posts and content marketing to print ads, cold emails, and public relations content, you need to find the channels that will help you connect to prospective and existing customers most effectively. This decision is built squarely on your brand identity and the way you want to convey your company’s core mission. Once your brand identity and marketing strategy is in place, HubSpot’s Marketing Hub makes high-volume marketing a breeze. Managing every aspect of that conversation from a single platform turns a daunting task into an adventure. 


The identification of possible blindspots and misalignments 

Sales can happen at any time through many different routes, some unpredictable, like a walk-in client who just happened to be at the right place at the right time. But that’s hardly the stuff reliable business growth is made of. And when your marketing and sales teams aren’t aligned, that haphazard, luck-of-the-draw growth can quickly become the only growth you experience.  That’s why internal alignment is so important. With aligned team dynamics increasing revenue by up to 34%, real consistent growth is only possible when departments are on the same page and you’ve addressed the blindspots in your marketing and sales team dynamic. And it’s important to remember that sales and marketing misalignment leads to more than just revenue loss; it leads to a haphazard customer journey and loss of brand reliability. 


Embrace the power of little lunchbox notes … or small campaigns

One of the most important parts when it comes to HubSpot implementation is finding a way to keep your audience hanging on your every word without crowding them. You see, it’s just like dating. Knowing when to send that text or make a call or give them some space so you don’t appear clingy. Yep, marketing is like a rom-com, and if you don’t know how to put your best foot forward with communication, you could learn How to Lose a Lead in 10 Days. You have to keep the relationship rolling along smoothly, filling the quiet between dates (your major content shares) with little reminders, accessible campaigns that act like a note in a lunchbox, reminding them you’re still there and still care. While technically part of the marketing plan, this “lunchbox notes” approach is also a vital part of something far more personal: your understanding of the customer journey. To really have your marketing content connect to your audience, you need to know why your content triggered them in the first place. And with HubSpot’s Customer Journey Mapping feature, you get to learn just that. Track individual engagement and find ways to personalize messaging all through a single CRM feature. If only blind dates came with that kind of actionable data. 


So when can I see you again? 

Blind dates can be hilarious disasters or unexpected adventures. You don’t really know what you’re going to get until you get there. But when you embark on a HubSpot implementation and improvement journey with 1406 Consulting as your guide (matchmaker?), you get to reap all the benefits of blind-date-self-discovery for your business without the pitfalls of a real blind date. So get in touch to find out how we can help you take your HubSpot relationship to the next level.

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