Turn Sales Journeys Into Help Journeys

What are sales really? If you answered that they’re business transactions or the exchange of products for revenue, you’re definitely not wrong, but, to us, sales have always been the offering of a helping hand. 

It’s because successful sales are built on an understanding of a client’s journey, not a successful sales pitch. It’s a simple mindset shift that carries with it a wealth of benefits. It changes how you approach clients, how you interact with your team, and how you see yourself in the context of your industry. So let’s take a closer look at how you can embrace the help journey. 

See the sales process through new eyes

The biggest shift comes in when you move your focus away from your product and the hopeful sale to the customer and their journey. Any successful sales process begins with understanding prospective clients. To do that, you need to be aware of the journey clients had to walk before they got to your sales team. Sales aren’t linear lines; they’re webs of touchpoints that can greatly affect how prospective customers approach your business. Mapping that customer journey is the only way to really understand why people are reaching out to your business for a helping hand. Through HubSpot, you can track the touchpoints individuals have with your company to help you identify and understand their pain points with much greater clarity. This increased insight is what a personalized sales experience is built on.  

Untitled designTailor your sales journeys

By-the-script sales pitches are the worst. They offer no real value to people and they make it clear that the number one interest is the business and the sale … not the person being spoken to. Mapping the customer journey helps teams tailor their sales approach and create an individualized customer journey based on the prospective client’s profile, not just a marketing schtick. 

Break down silos between teams

Access to the full customer journey also means sales teams are aware of the efforts that go into the customer journey long before the sales team enters the picture. It helps to break down the silos between marketing teams who capture the attention of leads and the sales teams that have to nurture those leads. 

The Approach

Nurturing relationships: That’s the true value of the help journey. And it’s something that customer relationship management software makes possible by allowing you to monitor existing customer journeys and identify new ways of offering support and value to people’s lives even after you’ve already become a part of their journey. That’s the key. 

Sales journeys should never end with sales. When they’re focused on helping people and offering that helping hand at the right time, sales journeys are never truly over.

HubSpot Tools That Help You See The Full Client Journey

HubSpot is a CRM system that helps businesses put people first. It allows you to connect with customers and track interactions in a way that allows you to connect with people, not just prospects. These HubSpot features are some of the most rewarding when it comes to understanding your customers and empowering your sales teams.

Give Real-Time Support When it Matters Most with Live Chat

Understand the full journey with Contact Timelines

Contact Timeline lets you track all conversations and actions taken by customers in a single chronological timeline. It’s a super beneficial feature when it comes to crafting tailored messaging at every step of the journey. 

Connect the right content at the right time with the Marketing Hub 

With a clear understanding of a converted customer’s interactions with the business, it’s easy to access content through the Marketing Hub and enrich people’s knowledge on how you can address their specific needs. It’s yet another feature that breaks down the silos between sales and marketing teams. 

Improve your approach with detailed Customer Journey Reporting

Understanding customer journeys is one thing. Improving them and building on them is another. But with reports based on customer journey analytics, you can see exactly where you need to augment interactions to improve the customer experience. 

Keep the customer journey rolling with automated Sales Sequences

Nurturing conversions and leads, while a vital part of the sales journey, is also one that doesn’t have to take all your time. With automated sales sequences, HubSpot allows you to follow up with prospects through personalized messages that won’t take you out of your workflow. 

Bookmark your foundation to Customer Experience Resources

HubSpot offers a nearly endless wealth of tools that can help to improve the customer journey. And trying to blurb them all here will keep you occupied longer than a Netflix binge. But the one place you can keep bookmarked at all times is the HubSpot Customer Experience Resource page, where vital documents and templates will help you capture your customers’ journeys more effectively. 

Keep it human, keep it helpful 

We’re all people here. We’re on a journey together. And we’re here to make sure that the road ahead is all it can be. But is that what your sales team is offering prospective clients at the moment? Reaching out a helping hand on peoples’ journeys? Or are they simply peddling their wares and promoting a brand? It’s a question that can change the legacy and impact of your company. And it’s a shift 1406 Consulting can help you make.


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