How to Get a Professionally Built Website that You Can Update

Website Maintenance Just Got So Much Easier

 In the olden days, making simple updates to your website meant passing a handwritten support ticket to the Pony Express mailman as he rode past your little house on the prairie and then waiting months for a reply from your developer in St. Louis.
Okay, so the logistics weren't quite so rustic, but the turnaround time might as well have been Oregon Trail-paced. And to think that all you wanted to do was change one word on the home page. Should it really take weeks to execute minor edits?
 We say, "Heck no, Pa!" Hop on into our HubSpot Time Machine, which may or may not be a hot tub, and take a ride with us to the future. No flux capacitors here; just CMS Hub®.
Gratuitously mixed metaphors aside, if you're ready to get a professionally built website that you can update yourself, we're going to show you how CMS Hub® from HubSpot makes it so darn simple.

Website Maintenance Can Be a Drag

Websites can get unwieldy fast, and when you can't navigate the backend yourself, you're completely reliant on whoever can. Updates are on their schedule, not yours. From regular content additions to fixing broken links, or improving SEO, your list of website to-dos can be overwhelming and neverending. Using third-party developers or designers to handle web maintenance is super common, but also super inconvenient when you have so little control over their timeline and priorities. "I'd do it myself!" you think, shaking your fists at the sky, "But I just don't know how!"
If you've found yourself in Website Update Purgatory a lot, you are not alone. For a long time, you really did need to be a developer to build and maintain the kinds of websites that bolster credibility and generate business. Think of your favorite brand website: what do you like about it? Ease of use? Fancy functionality? A slick design that works seamlessly on desktop, tablet, AND mobile?
That kind of site used to be incredibly difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to build and maintain—and easy to mess up if you don't know what you're doing in the content management system (CMS).
Keywords: "used to be."

Get in the DeLorean

Time to go back to the future—er, forward to the now. Whatever: HubSpot has changed the game and leveled the playing field with CMS Hub®. With ready-to-go website themes and templates, unparalleled support options, and a system built with YOU in mind, HubSpot makes it easier than ever to whip out a smokin' hot website and maintain it yourself.
How fast can you get up and running? We can't speak for how long it might take a total DIYer to build a fully functional site, but we do have a custom-built, unique-to-us HubSpot website theme that lets us as a partner agency generate and launch a brand new website customized to your brand in around two weeks. You read that right: two weeks. 
So what does CMS Hub® offer that makes these blistering speeds possible?
- Drag & Drop Website Builder 👩‍💻
- Secure, Optimized Web Hosting 🌐
- Pre-Built Themes & Templates 🖼
- Custom Domain Connection 🔗
- Incredibly Robust CRM Platform 🛒
- Intuitive Blog Maker ✍️
- Active Developer Community 🧑‍🔧
- Dynamic, Easy-to-Update Content 💫
- Bug Alerts & Performance Monitoring 👾
- 24/7 Security & Threat Detection 🕵️‍♂️
- Specific Team Permissions 🚥
- Standard SSL Certificate 🔒
- External Hosting + Content Management 🖥
Phew! How do you get the most out of all of that? If your background isn't in web development and design, going it alone is probably going to feel out of your wheelhouse. And not to be rude, but like, don't you have other things you need to be doing? Like... running a business? Who has time to unsubscribe from Ruggable email marketing, much less to learn how to build and operate a whole new website and CMS by themselves?
HubSpot gets it: they've built an extremely robust solution that makes ongoing site maintenance a breeze, but the startup is admittedly a bit more involved. Enter the HubSpot Solutions Directory (maybe that's how you ended up here?). Solutions on solutions. You've got a problem? HubSpot's thought of it. And for CMS Hub® implementation, the most expedient and cost-effective solution is partnering with an agency like us.

"Okay, now you're just trying to sell me something."

Well, yeah, we have a business to run, too and our content writer has to justify her existence somehow. But honestly, we build and manage HubSpot websites ALL DAY. All those things you don't have time to do? That's ALL we do. And our experience and expertise make us fast at them.
Time is money, right? It's a pretty simple cost-benefit analysis: pay an agency partner to spend less time building a site that works the first time, or spend untold hours of your own time (what's your billable rate?) learning a new tool, sweating over details previously un-sweat-upon, and damaging your eyesight watching YouTube tutorials in a dark room night after night?
If we were you, we'd go with Option A. Save those late-night YouTube rabbit holes for something you really care about: like learning how big blue whales are (but did you know how big they are??). We exist because we believe in the power of HubSpot to build your business, and we believe that you shouldn't have to go it alone.
"We thought we could go it alone. And we probably could have if it were our only job!" That is a real quote from a real review of us in the HubSpot Solutions Directory (a 5-star review, by the way, NBD). And it's true, you probably could figure this out, because you're smart and HubSpot is intuitive to use, but you already have a job. And you're probably really good at it! Obviously you care, because you're still reading this blog about how we can help you fast-track your business growth with HubSpot's suite of solutions like CMS Hub®. So let us let you do what you're best at while we do what we're best at: building killer sites that convert and handing the wheel back to you to keep driving results.
Wow, so we started with Oregon Trail, Little House on the Prairie, Hot Tub Time Machine, and Back to the Future, and now we're crossing the finish line with racecar metaphors. Don't worry, we can write in your brand voice without taking your audience on a journey like that. Unless you want us to 🤓 
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