How to Grow a Small Business Using Social Media Marketing

As a leader or owner of a small business, you’re always looking for ways your company can compete with larger competitors that often have a larger team and budget. One edge over your competitors that you may be neglecting is the power of social media to generate qualified sales leads for a small business. 

Social media platforms can create a level playing field for your small business to square off against others in the market if you know how to take advantage of it.


Creating Your Brand

Social media is a perfect opportunity for you to develop and build your brand. Your branding efforts can separate you from the competition by influencing how your customers, both current and potential, see your business. There’s a reason why some companies are handling their customer service on social media platforms! It offers a way to show the world that your company can treat each customer individually, even taking the negative experience of a dissatisfied customer and turning it into a positive based on how you respond.

Emphasis on Personalization

One of the reasons consumers seek out smaller, local businesses is that they enjoy a better buying experience with it being more personalized to their needs. Customers want to receive individual attention! Social media makes it easier to offer that personal touch by connecting directly with the diversity of individuals that interact with your brand. Your small business can quickly comment and interact with posts and consumer comments as they arrive on your network. A personal reply that’s not automated often only takes a moment, but has a lasting impression on not just those that already interact with your company, but others online. Many big businesses are seeking to offer this type of personalization online, but with a large number of people responding it can often be more difficult and time-consuming. A smaller, more localized business can often have an easier time with crafting these personal responses.

Keeping Your Brand Engaged

Social media for small businesses keeps your company’s brand alive, relevant, and at the forefront of people’s minds. It gives your company a chance to interact with your current customers in a positive method while allowing those happy customers to help let their network know about your brand. This interaction works as its own marketing -- for free! More consumers today want to use companies that are more open and personable, rather than just a website, as this helps them to see that they matter.


One of the biggest sales for social media for small businesses is that it’s free to use. There’s still the cost of your time and attention, but overall, any company can have a presence on social media platforms without having to pay a subscription fee or other costs. Small business owners may find value in paying for advertising or a service that helps to maximize social media exposure, but it’s not required. Plus, you can often get more for your advertising dollar without having to break your marketing budget. This opportunity is a growth incubator for your small business.

Growing your small business using social media is a must! You’re utilizing free tools that allow you to market your business, generate qualified leads, and create positive brand awareness. Following some simple social media best practices can provide your small business with tremendous growth potential.

What Next?

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