Choose Your Own Adventure: Website Development Edition

What if you could choose your own website development journey? Imagine being able to sit down with a developer and a designer and say, "Hey, I want to do this as quickly as possible with minimal effort on my part, go forth and make a thing and I will review it when you're done!" Or: "Yo, I'm actually really into this whole process and would love to have a collaborative approach every step of the way." Or anything in between!

Maybe you've heard of the "do it" categories folks in services like investment advisement use to categorize clients: there are the Do It For Me's, the Do It With Me's, and the Do It Themselves. We know not everyone falls into the same category. So why would we only have one way to build a website? Sure, we've gotten our process down to a science when it comes to building a site quickly, but we're not married to only following that exact process. We like to keep it flexible, fluid, customizable.images-3
So what does that look like for you? Kind of however you want it to look, to be honest. But just to give you some ideas of where you can get your hands dirtier, these are some of the off-ramps from Do It For Me Highway for folks in the Do It With Me camper van:
  • Add a Brand Revamp
  • A new site is a great opportunity to take a holistic look at your brand strategy and make some tweaks or completely overhaul it. Maybe your friend's kid made your first logo and it worked for what you needed to get off the ground, but now your business has evolved and it's time to reflect that evolution visually. Or want to just swap a font and update your colors? Is your branding used consistently across all channels? Do you sound the same everywhere your brand is talking? Or maybe you want to crystallize your brand story. We can guide you through all of that, from design to wordsmithery (plus, we have StoryBrand training, which makes us extra efficient at helping you tell your story effectively).
  • Design In House
  • If you do have design capabilities and want to lay everything out yourself, you can do that! With the custom, design-forward theme we created, we give you Figma templates that your design team can go wild with, and then you hand them back to us for development. Or...
  • Develop In House
  • Vice versa! We can make the design files and hand them off to your development team if your developer is familiar with the HubSpot CMS.
  • Create Your Own Content
  • While we are more than happy to write pages and pages of content for you, writing your own is another area where you can DIY some of the process. And if you are feeling a little more Do It For Me about content creation in general, you can opt into a monthly content retainer wherein we write blogs, social posts, email newsletters, case studies, etc. based on interviews with your subject matter experts. It's a great way to ensure that you are consistently adding value to and continually optimizing your gorgeous new site.
No matter what web development adventure you choose, the most important thing to know is that you don't have to go it alone. You shouldn't have to! It's a whole job to design and build a website, and we're pretty sure you already have a job. You wouldn't pull your own tooth, right? (Please say you would not. Please.) Don't DIY the important stuff. And your business' online presence is important.
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