Crafting Financial Elegance: The Hello Wealth Brand Emergence

From Concept to Reality: Building a Distinct Identity in Financial Advisory.


Brand Creation from Ground Up: Developed a unique name and identity for Hello Wealth, aligning perfectly with their financial advisory vision and ethos.

Tailored Brand Personality: Meticulously designed a brand style that resonates with the sophisticated, modern approach of Hello Wealth, enhancing client engagement and trust.

Rapid Website Deployment: Successfully launched a sleek, 8-page website utilizing our streamlined HubSpot CMS theme, ensuring a swift and impactful online presence for Hello Wealth.

Revving Up Digital Innovation

RAW Wheels and Tires' Brand Transformation


1406 Consulting partnered with top developers to revamp the RAW (rent-a-wheel) website into a dynamic e-commerce platform, resulting in a fully realized online retail channel and  boost in customer engagement. This digital metamorphosis positions us as pivotal in navigating complex web transformations.


We successfully implemented a unified brand strategy across all 160+ RAW locations, enhancing brand recognition and consistency. Our work included custom integrations in HubSpot CMS, streamlining operations and marketing efforts, leading to a huge improvement in operational efficiency and customer experience.

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When working with any partner agency/firm, you know there are goingto be ups and downs, periods of adjustment and learning, last minute changes, etc. It’s part of the job. I’ve experienced partnerships from Fortune 500 organizations down to startups and it’s rare to have a team
understand where to lean in, when to pivot, and, most importantly, understand when it’s time to quickly fix something important, let alone
knowing what is truly important and emergency-worthy to your business. Even with turnover and promotions and adding new customers, 1406 Consulting has found ways to make sure their clients don’t feel much of the storms that trouble any agency/firm and it’s why we continue to work well together today.

4X4 Pickup Truck Mock-Up 08
Jim Krall
VP, Marketing

Working with 1406 Consulting was an incredible journey. Their team didn't just listen to our needs; they brought them to life with exceptional creativity and precision. The brand identity they crafted for Hello Wealth perfectly reflects our vision and ethos. But beyond just aesthetics, they delivered a lead-generating website that has become a cornerstone of our success. Their expertise in bringing ideas to life is unparalleled, making them an indispensable partner in our growth.

Hello Wealth
Clark Brown
Founder, Hello Wealth

Partnering with 1406 Consulting was a game-changer for Reclaim Lifestyles. Their innovative approach and deep understanding of our brand vision breathed new life into our team and our entire operation. The brand identity they developed not only encapsulates the passion we have for our product but has also been instrumental in attracting numerous investors. Their strategic and creative expertise has been pivotal in propelling our brand forward, helping us to communicate our story in a way that resonates deeply with our audience. It's more than just a service; it's been a transformative experience for us.

Reclaim Lifestyles
Jeff White
Co-Founder, Reclaim Lifestyles

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HubSpot CMS Web Design

Website Design & Dev

We at 1406 Consulting believe a website is your digital powerhouse - it's where business growth gets real. Our focus is crafting stunning websites that aren't just eye-candy but lead-generating machines. Thanks to our mastery of HubSpot CMS, we seamlessly weave together marketing, sales, and service features to create a smooth, efficient online experience that wows your clients and boosts your business.

Brand Strategy

Brand Awareness & Strategy

We engage closely with our clients to unearth the core essence of their brand, blending this insight with comprehensive market analysis to develop strategies that are not just visually compelling but also data-backed and results-oriented. We pride ourselves on delivering strategies that are not just creative, but also practical and effective in driving business growth and customer engagement.

Marketing Design

Marketing Copy & Design

Diving deep into your brand's heart, we at 1406 Consulting get the real scoop on what makes you tick.  We spin this gold into marketing magic - designs and copy that dazzle, hit hard, and flex across platforms. It's all about packing a punch with every pixel, boosting your brand's vibe, and ditching the fluff. With us, it's not just design; it's smart design that works as hard as you do.

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