We're all on the same team!

We believe in working hard and helping you achieve your goals. 

Whether it's tactics for executing a sales plan, qualified leads, personal goals, or launching a new brand and website, you’ve got us in your corner to get it done.

Four core beliefs drive everything we do for you.


You won’t get empty promises or half-baked work. We want everyone here to be friends, comrades, and family that work together for a common goal.


We want everyone to grow, clients and team members. We work hard to discover passions and chase them down to get the most out of life.

Your Personal Guide

Your success determines our success. We walk with you every step of the way so you're always ready to tackle whatever is in front of you, and you have a team behind you when it seems like a tall task.


No challenge is too big or small. We collaborate as a team to ensure all tasks are within scope. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and we believe that together we can crush any goal.

Our "Why"

Most agencies will say, “We succeed when you succeed” or some other variation to try and win your business, and while they’re not wrong, they’re not always right.

We want to be honest. We do what we do so that we can do the things we love like train for marathons, buy guitars, paint, travel or injure ourselves on a jetski.

We’re all about doing the most with the time we’re given. However, we want the same for everyone, including our friends, families, and clients.

This is our craft - applying creative problem solving skills to help businesses grow, and if you’re one of those businesses, all the better. Also, we’re down for jetskiing if you are.

Just saying. 

Meet The Team

Matt Smith 1406 Consulting
Matt Smith 1406 Consulting

Matt Smith

Founder + CEO

Matt Smith  Founder + CEO

Matt is an entrepreneur and business growth agent with a diverse background in executive leadership roles across technology, marketing, professional services, sales, and P&L management. With 25+ years of experience in technology companies, he’s developed a passion for unifying diverse teams to accelerate achievement of strategic goals.

Our company name is a nod to Matt’s experience with Ironman Triathlons (140.6 miles) and other crazy challenges, including completing a 100 mile ultra-marathon. Matt believes any goal that doesn’t scare you a bit isn’t a goal worth having.

Chase Hubner 1406 Consulting
Chase Hubner 1406 Consulting

Chase Hubner

Content Marketing

Chase Hubner  Content Marketing Lead

Chase is a content strategy lead at 1406. Spanning everything from white papers and lead generation assets to social media posts and paid ads, he does it all! Chase also handles website and landing page updates behind the scenes.

Away from his desk, you’ll find Chase annoying his friends with The Office quotes, playing guitar, and finding inventive ways to scare his wife. His lifelong dream is to one day open a custom, handmade guitar company.

Lynne Smith 1406 Consulting
Lynne Smith 1406 Consulting

Lynne Smith

VP, Communications

Lynne Smith — VP, Communications

Lynne has deep experience with lead generation, direct sales, and account management across technology, telecom, and automotive markets. Her innate knack for understanding team dynamics and relationships consistently ensures we’re always doing the right thing for our team members and customers.

Originally growing up in New York, Lynne quickly developed a love for sweet tea and ‘real’ BBQ after moving to Atlanta.  She also has a knack for learning dance steps after only seeing them one time (not that the rest of us are jealous or anything).

Hannah Hubner 1406 Consulting
Hannah Hubner 1406 Consulting

Hannah Hubner

Inbound Specialist

Hannah Hubner — Inbound Specialist

Hannah specializes in Inbound Strategy projects at 1406. She keeps our team and timelines on track, manages HubSpot tasks, client correspondence, and all the important in-betweens!

When not on a video conference or updating tasks in Basecamp, you can find Hannah baking, pretending she is better at playing bass than she actually is, and forcing her husband to try healthy recipes (typically in vain).


Sarah Smith

Co-Founder, CEO

 Sarah Smith — Director, Client Services

With 15+ years of marketing experience partnering with brands on award-winning advertising campaigns, design and development projects, communications and brand strategies, you’d be hard pressed to find a digital project that Sarah hasn’t encountered.

Sarah enjoys triathlon and yoga in her spare time, has a habit of adopting the most adorable puppies you’ve ever seen, and has never been cast on The Amazing Race due to her navigational skills.

Leslie Jarrard 1406 Consulting
Leslie Bike

Leslie Jarrard

Director of Client Services

Leslie believes that the best way to service clients is by creating long-term exceptional value. She has a "listen first" approach and is passionate about understanding each client's unique set of challenges and goals. With over 12 years of experience in the digital space, on both the agency and client side, Leslie brings a wealth of knowledge to our teams and to the success of every project end-to-end. 
Outside of Leslie's passion for people (and data), she enjoys cycling, fancy coffee houses, healthy cooking, and spending time with her family.  
Kat Liptak 1406 Consulting
Kat Liptak

Kat Liptak

Marketing Strategist

Kat Liptak  Marketing Strategist

Kat guides our research and development of client strategies, incorporating market and competitive analysis.  Her deep experience with the combination of inbound marketing and paid ads strategies (paired with a wicked talent for data analysis) make her an amazing asset on every client project.

Kat has traveled the world and is always planning her next adventure, whether it involves a motorcycle race or just finding the next great local coffee shop.

Derek Vlog

Derek Couts

Lead Design Strategist

"It all comes to presentation. If you present it well, the rest becomes easy."
Derek has been in the design space for over 12 years and is always trying to learn new things. He believes that when it comes to marketing and sales, it ultimately comes down to presentation. (His best example of presentation sells: goat yoga)
When he's not diving into code, designing, or developing brand strategies, he is often found spending his time reading, traveling + vlogging RV trips with his wife, and drinking too much black coffee.

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